Court Cost in a eviction

In an eviction in Texas if the Tar lease is used it has this verbage:


A. If Landlord fails to comply with this lease, Tenant may seek any relief provided by law.
B. If Tenant fails to timely pay all amounts due under this lease or otherwise fails to comply with this lease,
Tenant will be in default and:
(1) Landlord may terminate Tenant’s right to occupy the Property by providing Tenant with at least one
day written notice to vacate;
(2) all unpaid rents which are payable during the remainder of this lease or any renewal period will be
accelerated without notice or demand;
(3) Landlord may exercise Landlord’s lien under Paragraph 23 and any other rights under this lease or
the Property Code; and
(4) Tenant will be liable for:
(a) any lost rent;
(b) Landlord’s cost of reletting the Property including but not limited to leasing fees, advertising
fees, utility charges, and other fees reasonably necessary to relet the Property;
(c) repairs to the Property for use beyond normal wear and tear;
(d) all Landlord’s costs associated with eviction of Tenant, including but not limited to attorney’s
fees, court costs, costs of service, witness fees, and prejudgment interest;
(e) all Landlord’s costs associated with collection of amounts due under this lease, including but not
limited to collection fees, late charges, and returned check charges; and
(f) any other recovery to which Landlord may be entitled by law.
C. Notice to vacate under Paragraph 27B(1) may be by any means permitted by §24.005, Property Code.
D. Landlord will attempt to mitigate any damage or loss caused by Tenant’s breach by attempting to relet
the Property to acceptable tenants and reducing Tenant’s liabilityaccordingly.

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