Security deposit when is the landlord required to refund?

A security deposit is required to be refunded or an itemized bill within 30 days after a forwarding adress is given to the landlord.

A. Security Deposit: On or before execution of this lease, Tenant will pay a security deposit to Landlord in
the amount of $ . “Security deposit” has the meaning assigned to that term in §92.102,
Property Code.
B. Interest: No interest or income will be paid to Tenant on the security deposit. Landlord may place the
security deposit in an interest-bearing or income-producing account and any interest or income earned
will be paid to Landlord or Landlord’s representative.
C. Refund: Tenant must give Landlord at least thirty (30) days written notice of surrender before Landlord
is obligated to refund or account for the security deposit.

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