10 spectacular bathroom innovations

From Freshome By Ronique Gibson March 25, 2014 9:17 PM
Few things are as delightful as bringing innovations into your bathing and pampering experience, and this year at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas,  Nevada there was no lack of cool gadgets and gorgeous finds. Whether you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom or you just want to start creating your “wish list,” here are 10 spectacular bathroom innovations for your modern home. 


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Photo: Kohler Faucets

1. Traditional Materials in Innovative Applications: 

Bathrooms have always been a room where we can relax our cares away from the world and there is nothing like showcasing beautiful finishes in your bathroom. There is definitely a return to showcasing traditional materials such as wood, rock, seashells and other organic finishes in sinks such as Kohler Faucets above, countertops, backsplashes and more. While the materials are traditional they are being used for applications where you will see teak wood aesthetics  in the gorgeous bathroom below in this article featuring  Brizo Faucets.

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Toto Toilets will help your Keller TX home sell.Photo: Toto Toilets

2. Emphasis on water conservation combined with technology 

Over the years sustainability and water conservation have been on the forefront of all our lives, especially in the bathroom. At KBIS there was a reemergence of ensuring modern fixtures look sleek and fashionable but still are helping conserve water. Low flow toilets and the manufacturers focusing on greener ways to save water was seen in many toilet brands. One of the manufacturer’s – Toto toilets has always been on the cutting edge of technology and their innovative process of using water to disinfect makes these automatic toilets the most impressive seat in your bathroom. This is one of the most impressive bathroom innovations of the entire show.

“The bath space consumes the most water in the home. In fact, toilets alone account for nearly 30 percent of indoor water consumption. Therefore, the toilet represents one of the greatest opportunities to decrease water consumption in the home. This can also be said of restrooms in many types of commercial buildings. With the right high efficiency fixtures and fittings, saving water becomes second nature.” – Toto Toilets


Brizo will give your Keller Texas home a old world feelPhoto: Brizo

3. New finishes appeal to international markets 

Depending on your design style there is an appeal of a variety of finishes and colors. Gold and brass has become more apparent and is making a comeback in bathroom finishes. Everywhere from plumbing fixtures, to shower controls, lighting fixtures and even ceramic tile. Many middle eastern countries have an attraction to gold finishes while western countries prefer the matte chrome and oil bronzed finishes.

While there isn’t one general finish for all markets its nice to see the bath industry starting to add more colors to their lines. While chrome and brushed nickel will never go out of style, copper, gold and rose gold finishes are making a great presence this year at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

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Blanco faucets will update your Keller Texas home


4. Bathroom Innovations: Creative faucets to make your life easier 

In this year’s kitchen and bath show there was a definite sense of creative faucets that enhance your bathroom but also make life easier. From hand held faucets that grace the freestanding tub to deck mounted sinks that also offer the hand held sprayers. The sense of bringing kitchen faucet amenities to the bathroom is alive and well. Bathroom faucet manufacturers are starting to realize that the bathroom has the need for convenience and variety too.


Hardware is a nice touch to update your Keller Texas home

Photo: Top Knobs

5. Cabinetry handles and pulls in innovative materials 

In years past cabinetry handles and pulls were strictly functional and came in only a few finishes and design styles. At KBIS there was an reemergence of understanding that pulls and handles are more than utilitarian. In fact the ability to showcase textures, patterns, colors, and even “jewels” has become a trend in modern bathrooms and kitchens.

Instead of thinking of knobs as an afterthought, pulls are being chosen when cabinetry fronts are designed. Top Knobs says they are the ‘jewelry of the cabinetry’ and rightfully so. There is no wonder that accessories such as handles and pulls are becoming more popular in today’s bathrooms.

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6. Bathroom organization with creative amenities

Whether your bathroom is lacking good organization or you are seeking more, there was no shortage of creative amenities to help every home owner. Cabinetry that is divided into sections for personal styling aids, toiletries, cosmetics and more is becoming increasingly popular.

A number of bathroom cabinetry manufacturers are appealing to homeowners lifestyles and ensuring storage keeps up with the demands of busy households. Bathroom cabinets that close with a touch of a finger, have illuminated LED interiors and have divided interiors are a must for every modern home.


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7.  Metallic finishes in vanities and faucets that wow! 

While metallic finishes have always been the main material for making plumbing fixtures, bathroom manufacturers are finding new ways to wow your bathroom interiors. From hammered sink details that resemble artisan crafts rather than a typical vanity sink to faucets that beautifully unveil the release of water similar to a gorgeous fountain, the options for your bathroom are limitless.

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8. Vanity sinks that feel organic in nature 

Porcelain and ceramic sinks have long been the materials of vanity sinks in our bathrooms but bathroom manufacturers are looking to organic materials that feel one with nature. From wood and sea shells to resin and concrete materials that can be made to look like materials right out of nature.

Teak, walnut, bamboo, and mahogany woods are big this year in natural and faux finishes. Also stained ceramics and tiles that are made to look like wood are becoming increasingly popular for sinks as well as backsplashes, walls and floors. They prove to be a trend to watch as they are water resistant and can often be cheaper than many hardwood varieties.


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9. Shower controls are more sleek and modern than ever before 

When rain shower heads were introduced years back some manufacturers only made one style and homeowners got tired of the same look. Today the relaxing shower head is still a must in any luxury bathroom and there was a gorgeous array at KBIS this year. From different sprayers and control options to low profile and luxurious details that will make your shower become a spa experience.

10. There is no limit to imagination of bath manufacturers

If there is one thing I learned by attending the Kitchen and Bath Industry show this year is that bathroom manufacturers are always trying to push the envelope to ensure your experience is the best. From showers and bathtubs that give you the ultimate bathing experience with smart technology, aromatherapy, chromo lights and sounds, there is very little you can’t do while relaxing your cares away!

Also the technology to save the Earth’s precious resource of water has become more of priority in all the brands. While beauty and style is important its nice to observe that bath manufacturers are using innovation to save water and reuse water in other parts of your home when applicable. There is no doubt that these 10 innovations will brighten up your bathroom this year!

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