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Modern/Contemporary Architectural Style

Modern/Contemporary Architectural Style From HGTV Modern and contemporary homes include Art Deco period and ranch-style homes. Modern/Contemporary “Modern” is a catch-all term for homes built since the 1920s. But all modern designs value function over form: you won’t find many ornate touches, extraneous rooms or calculated symmetry. Instead, the facade is shaped in a way […]

Modern or Contemporary: What’s the Difference?

Modern or Contemporary Architecture, What’s the Difference? From Urban Splatter: November 29, 2013 | Filed under: Architecture, Architecture Terms, Buildings, Contemporary Buildings and tagged with:architecture terms, contemporary, modern The difference between modern and contemporary styles in terms of architecture is simpler than you might think. Chances are you are here because you do not know the difference, so here you go… […]

Waiting to buy a house? It’ll cost you

We can help at Just click here and let the search begin. From Yahoo: Experts agree: There’s no better time to buy a home than now. Find out why. By Lee NelsonMay 28, 2014 12:41 PM Timing is everything when it comes to a lot of things – baking a soufflé, fertilizing your lawn, and […]